Bathroom Renovations

Are you looking for bathroom renovations in North Devon?  Do you want to update or renew parts of your existing bathroom rather than replace it entirely?  Maybe you need advice or design ideas from a trusted and proven installer?  If so, you should definitely contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and quote today.

Hastings Baths & Beyond have mastered the art of bathroom renovations– where our knowledge and experience allows us to provide customers with a wide variety of options that will enhance their bathrooms in ways they wouldn’t have imagined possible.

Bathroom Renovations

From replacing suites or fittings, to remastering walls and flooring, or making simple layout changes by moving things around to create a bigger space, we enjoy working closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences to create a better functioning family space.

Bathroom Renovations

Why Consider A Bathroom Renovations?

Increased Value

If you’re currently looking to sell your property, or it’s something you are considering in the future, bathroom renovations can add anywhere from around £3500 to £4000 on the value of your property..  A tidy, clean, functional bathroom is also very appealing to prospective buyers.  This will ultimately make selling your home much easier. Indeed many home buyers will overlook a property that only has one bathroom area such is the demand for these spaces.

More Luxury

Who doesn’t love some luxury in their life? No one. So by renovating or even simply updating your bathroom, you can create a space you’re proud of, and a space you actually want to spend time in. Your bathroom plays a unique role in your house. As an oasis of peace, it should be soothing, but as a functional space, it must be practical. That’s why it’s worth taking the plunge and building your own bathroom, just the way you want it.