Are you looking at adding an en-suite to your renovations list this year? It’s a great idea if you have the space because an en-suite will not only make your home more enjoyable to live in, but should also add value to your property – property experts recommend that a home has one bathroom for every two to three bedrooms, so if you need another bathroom and space is at a premium, an en-suite is the way to go.

Andy at Hastings Baths & Beyond is an experienced professional ensuite bathroom fitter who can completely refurbish your old existing bathroom, shower or toilet?  Or are you wanting to turn your spare bedroom into a bathroom, to create and install a new en-suite bathroom next to your master bedroom or a new toilet under the stairs in your home? Hastings Baths & Beyond can help with all those bathroom projects.

We offer complete En suite packages consisting of basins, toilets, shower enclosures, trays and wastes. Designed specifically for smaller settings and cloakrooms, these compact ‘shower suites’ are a great space-saving alternative to bathtubs.

En Suites

At Hastings Baths & Beyond we pride ourselves on the quality of bespoke bathroom fittings that we can provide. What’s more we will also work closely with you to ensure we meet your budget and time frame constraints every step of the way and create your dream en-suite!

En Suites